ICC Europe Competition 2013

Voting is now open to win a Flicx Match pitch from our short list of 6 amazing entries and their stories of “How Cricket has changed their lives” …

Flicx Match Pitch

Flicx Match Pitch

Our finalists are…

  1. Estonia – Spirit of Cricket- Sharath Geetha
  2. Germany – Cricket Club Bonn – Raymond Cooray
  3. Ireland – Dundalk CC – Eddie Bosano- Andrews
  4. Israel – Cricket4Peace – Sharon Gudker
  5. Lanzarote- Lanzarote Cricket Association – Peter Starmer
  6. Palestinian Authority submitted by the Israel Cricket Association – Cricket4Peace- Shehadeh Salamin

In order to vote, simply read all the entries and decide which your favourite is… You then need to click the LIKE button under that blog on a 1 vote per person basis (Facebook and Twitter shares are also accepted). Our finalists are able to share their stories on their unique URL in order to achieve more awareness for their entries and to promote cricket in their country. We would encourage you to use contacts in the cricketing community and beyond…

Voting closes on the 8th March. Good Luck

(NB- You need to be registered on WordPress to LIKE and vote- its a simple process to join- why not follow the FLICX UK Blog too)

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