Ono-i-Lau (Fiji)- Only one sport – Mesake Cama

“For all the children of Ono-i-Lau – girls and boys – there’s only one sport they can play; cricket.



They all really love cricket and want to learn cricket, especially at the schools where I do some coaching with them.  The island is really far away from the mainland and the facilities are not good, but cricket is very important to the people of Ono.  There are four villages and four pitches on the island, but only one has a mat so we can only play at one village.  It would mean a lot if I could take a mat back to the island with me on the boat, so we can start an U15 and U19 team.  When the kids get good enough they can come to Suva to play and maybe get a job as well, and then hopefully they can go on to play for Fiji.  Cricket is very important in our village life, but it can provide the kids with other opportunities as well.”

       Mesake Cama (Ono-i-Lau, Lau Islands, Fiji)

3 thoughts on “Ono-i-Lau (Fiji)- Only one sport – Mesake Cama

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