Customer Testimonials

Thank you from all of us here at University of Florida cricket team for sending us the 2G Flicx pitch. I appreciate all your efforts with the University to get this delivered. It is definitely the best change we could have asked for, aside from playing on the grass field. I had my first chance to practice on it yesterday and I like the improved bounce and ease to handle the pitch. – Anuj Goyal, University of Florida CC

“Working with Flicx was a no brainer due to their outstanding reputation, experience in the marketplace, dedication to quality, affordable prices and impeccable customer service. ” – Runish Gudhka, Bat Fast

“Flicx have created a cricket wicket more true than any other artificial any of us have played on. Favouring neither batsmen nor bowlers, this is an excellent piece of kit which will help youngsters develop their cricket and adults hone their skills – highly recommended for any club” – Alex Britten, Cricket Central

“In the summer of last year, we purchased two more Flicx pitches and have spread them around the country hosting our adult leagues. You can not put a price on what the Flicx pitch has done for cricket in Israel – it is without a doubt the best investment that we have made and without it, we would have no facilities.” – Herschel Gutman, Israel Cricket Association

“We chose the 2G Flicx Pitch because it’s a portable solution and means Novel Sports can set up a cricket experience centre at various locations for all to enjoy. We have already found that kids are very motivated to play on artificial surfaces such as the Flicx Pitch as it offers a good bounce and spin”. Duane Zaheer Lall, Novel Sports (Trinidad)

“Flicx UK are a very professional organisation to deal with, very flexible and always being willing to accommodate our specific needs. The Flicx 2G pitches themselves area great product that are a useful practice tool for both batters and bowlers in a range of different environments. They are also very flexible too and we plan to use them as a match surface for some of our younger age groups saving on the time and cost of pitch preparation” – Michael Brookes, Harpenden CC

”It is really important for effective cricket coaching – especially for batting and bowling – that the training surface provides a consistent and good bounce. At our local sports hall we tried to use hard balls on a fibre mat laid on their sprung wooden floor, but it wasn’t successful as the ball didn’t bounce at all – it simply died on the surface. Our trial of the new 2G Flicx mat dealt successfully with this problem – the bounce using hard balls was good and trustworthy, comparable to an outdoor surface for both seam and spin bowling. The 2G Flicx mat is now allowing us to train much more effectively in the hall with both colts and seniors; we can now, for example, use the bowling machine there for the first time.” – Mike Lanning, Dartforians CC

The Flicx 2G pitch has given our teams the chance to regularly practise on our square without the worry of cutting up our wickets, whilst also offering genuine bounce and pitch movements that a grass pitch would offer. It has enabled us to play junior games when our grass pitches have been too damp and has produced good sensible bounce that has enabled a well contested game to be carried out. – Edd Finn, Littletown CC Chairman 2014

As you may know our team at Mt Kili Madness managed to climb to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest free standing mountain. Then we played the world’s highest ever game of cricket at 5,752m, and in November the people at Guinness World Records were kind enough to ratify the world record.  The support we had from Flicx was immense, and quite frankly without their help we would have been unable to play, and as a direct result would have been unable to raise as much money as we did for the three charities, Cancer Research, Tusk, and RCSF. So I just need to say a massive thank you to Richard Beghin and his whole team for their support in making our adventure possible. – David Harper, Mt Kili Madness

Heera is aware of the desperate need for decent facilities and has identified the FLICX pitch as an important element in the Bangladesh Cricket Board’s Development Programme (ordered 70 pitches). The FLICX pitch was selected for its application and versatility in portable cricket. It can be easily transported and laid out on any generally flat surface, immediately covering existing sports facilities into cricket fields – Mr Mohammed Shafique-ul-Huque Heera, assistant Director Development of the Bangladesh Cricket Board

The Flicx Cricket Pitch is ideal for introductory level cricket in countries that do not have existing pitches or the skills and resource to develop pitches. Due to the versatility of the Flicx cricket pitch it makes use of limited facilities at a minimum cost. It is an innovative option for our member countries across Europe to transform any existing sports field into a cricket playing facility.” Nick Pink, ICC Europe

ICC Europe Official Supplier - Flicx UK

ICC Europe Official Supplier – Flicx UK

Our new Flicx was superb, (thank you very much for eveyone´s efforts in getting it to us so promptly), we would not have done the competition without it and offered a splendid true and even playing surface, allowing some outstanding performances with both bat and ball” Peter Starmer, Lanzarote Cricket Association

“The Flicx Pitch has revolutionised access to the game for young boys and girls.   Cricket is now possible in limited spaces such as school playgrounds, local parks and leisure centres where, before, it could not have been played without designated pitch areas.  In addition, it allows additional training facilities at clubs and for pre-season games”. Keith Pont

 The cricketers themselves have been impressed with the true bounce of the pitch and the fact that all bowlers can be confident of their delivery, from spin to seam. From a development point of view, young cricketers (especially bowlers) can be coached in correct techniques – and the true bounce means that their game is predictable and will hold their interest. We have found that the Flicx pitch is equally suitable for both soft and hard balls. Tony Judd, Cricket Coach

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