ICC EAP How has cricket changed your life – Voting Open

Voting is now open to win a Flicx Batting End from our short list of 6 amazing entries from ICC East-Asia Pacific members and their stories of “How Cricket has changed their lives” …



We are asking ICC EAP member countries and Cricket fans around the world to VOTE and to SHARE their favourite competition entry that best fits our competition  “How has cricket changed your life”. Simply VOTE and SHARE the story around your network of clubs and players to help 1 lucky ICC East-Asia Pacific member win a Flicx Batting End.

Our finalists are…

  1. Moce (Fiji) – Selected to go Overseas! – Viliame Yabaki
  2. Moce (Fiji) – It can take you Anywhere – Ruci Kawai Waga
  3. Namotomoto (Fiji) – I can do Anything – Lani Benuci
  4. Ono-i-Lau (Fiji) – Only one Sport – Mesake Cama
  5. Samoa – Finding the Edge – Pativia Solomua
  6. Vanuatu – Our Flicx Pitch – Pierre Chilia

In order to VOTE, simply read all the entries and decide which your favourite story is… You then need to click the LIKE button under that blog on a 1 vote per person basis (using the Twitter and Facebook shares on the page itself is also accepted as a vote) . Our finalists are able to share their stories on their unique URL in order to achieve more awareness for their entries and also more generally to promote cricket in their country. The final results will also take into account the total page traffic for their story.

Voting closes on Friday 6th December and winner will be announced shortly after the voting closes

Good Luck to all finalists and thank-you in advance for your interest in the Flicx UK / ICC East-Asia Pacific competition and for all of your votes. (NB- You need to be registered on WordPress to LIKE and vote- it’s a simple process to join and why not follow the FLICX UK Blog too)

For more information on buying a Flicx Pitch please call Paul Gilchrist, Director of Flicx Australasia on 0419 539 980 or email paul@flicx.comwww.flicxaustralasia.com.au or visit the products page on the Flicx UK blog to find out more….

ICC EAP competition deadline

To enter the competition we are looking for stories illustrated by an image showing, how cricket has made a difference to your life and to your community?

Anyone whether they be an individual or club can enter from any ICC East-Asia Pacific member country, if you have been inspired to play the game whatever your circumstance – we want to hear about it! Take a look at this fantastic video which tells you what the competition is about…

Please email 250 words and attach a photo and send to kate@flicx.com