Vanuatu – Our Flicx – Pierre Chilia

My name is Pierre Chilia and I started my Cricket on a Flicx pitch in a famous Cricket Village called Mele in Vanuatu. Mele has produced more than thirty National Cricket players over the past 30 years and currently has 4 National players currently on professional contracts with clubs in Australia and New Zealand. One of these players is on a CA talent accelerator scholarship in who is in consideration for a place in the Big Bash league as a rookie player. These players started on a Flicx pitch, play matches on them and have grown to become the best players Vanuatu has ever produced.

The Flicx Pitch at Vanuatu

The Flicx Pitch at Vanuatu

The Flicx pitch in Mele has given us the chance to play cricket and build a love for the game because these pitches can be used for any sex or age. We would love to see another village or island achieve excellence in cricket and if we were given a Flicx pitch, we would offer this pitch to Tanna Island, one of the islands in the southern province where they love cricket, have a field, but nothing to play cricket on. Tanna Island is well known for its active volcano, Yasur. The children are very happy, sporty and love cricket; often playing on muddy grass or down at the beach or on the streets. A Flicx pitch would change their lives forever as the island cannot afford to buy a pitch of their own.

Vanuatu has achieved some amazing results the past few years with more matches thanks to Flicx pitches. Unfortunately we cannot afford to buy more so your help to build a lifelong love for cricket in a developing area would make a world of difference and change the lives of so many.

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