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From Ashes to Astroturf – A very brief history of cricket in Lanzarote

10 years ago you could play cricket occasionally if you wanted. Initially all playing surfaces were covered in volcanic gravel therefore a length of coconut matting would be laid down to play on. The first games were played in Yaiza football stadium, which quite bizarrely is located at the foot of some very impressive volcanoes.

Puerto Del Carmen

Puerto Del Carmen

Shortly after, astro-turf started appearing on the pitches around Lanzarote, which provided for a much better playing surface, though often unpredictable. Games started becoming more organised and frequent and a league was created between the three founder members of what was to become The Lanzarote Cricket Association.

By 2006 The LCA was formed and implemented a league involving 5 teams with more pitches available as the local councils started to recognise the sport. Matches were now also being played in Puerto del Carmen and Tias. 2008 saw the first representative side from Lanzarote travel to La Manga to participate in a 20/20 tournament and have been invited back every year to date.

2009 held a landmark change with the arrival of our Flicx mat. The standard of cricket increased, significantly and the Association became a far more professional set up with strong links to Cricket España. In 2011 a player from our youth development represented Spain U19´s.

Alongside our domestic programme 2013 sees the arrival of 4 touring teams, the first L.C.A. International T20 Tournament in March and our most competitive squad to date to play at La Manga in April.

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21 thoughts on “Lanzarote- Lanzarote Cricket Association – Peter Starmer

  1. It’s always great to see sport get recognition. But what is more impressive is to see a facility nurtured and grown to become a significant part of a community. Sport and the participation of, is the future health of a community, not only physically but mentally, sustaining wellbeing and friendship.

  2. Cricket in Lanzarote is an uphill struggle as it is not recognised in Spain as a sport and therefore does not attract any grants or funding assistance, which is sad, as the sport has a huge youth following not only amongst the Canarians but also amongst the Ex-Pats. There are a few stalwarts on the Island who spend countless hours in the development of the sport and they deserve our thanks and support in whatever way we can lend it!!! Hope you get the mats!!

  3. Dawn.

    Having come from a cricketing background, I think it is great to see cricket in Lanzarote, and every time we go over, we make a point of watching a match. I agree about the few stalwarts keeping it going, and am pretty sure that there must be quite a number of expats there who know very little (or nothing) about the fact that Lanzarote has a cricket league.

    Good luck , Pete – hope you win.

  4. As a local owner over the past 25 years it is yet another interest of mine I am able to read about and indeed take a look at as I have done as often as I can.
    The standard is pretty good these days and as such deserves the better standard of pitch which these mats would provide. best of luck on your venture and I hope you are successful in obtaining the mats.

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  7. In the stands are the Chicks
    also fans in their cliques
    Teams run between the sticks
    Bowlers with their flicks
    Batters hitting six
    Umpires with their tricks
    put it all in the mix
    Lanzarote needs a Flicx

  8. my vote goes to Lanzarote !!! what a great crowd of people over there and fully deserve to win !
    as one poster has already said, these guys get zero funding from anybody it would be fantastic for there junior development , good luck Lanzarote !

  9. I have taken my team on tour for the past 4 years to Lanzarote, it is a different and enjoyable experience playing on AstroTurf and all the different variety of players and people there add to the atmosphere.
    It is a shame that cricket is not a recognised sport in Spain but with more and m

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  12. The addition of the flix mat to lanzarote cricket association facilities has had an effect far beyond that of just improving the standard of cricket played on this fantastic island , keep playing straight please lads, it has enabled players just starting out to have confidence in the consistent bounce and as result to continue there development without the risk of wearing one off a length.
    To win this mat would help us to continue involving more and more people in this great game .
    We really need this to keep the momentum up!!!!!!

    David, Smudger, Smith

  13. Living on Gran Canaria, we often play cricket on Sardina del Norte. Which prompted a local who had lived in England to declare, “I never thought I’d see the day cricket was played in Gran Canaria”. Good luck, guys.

  14. Lanzarotes cricket would improve so much with a new flcix mat, not only the lovely lads that are playing now but the up & coming generation. I vote Lanzarote

  15. Hi this is Ellie, I am currently staying in Lanzarote , I come from Springfield England we have a cricket team called a Springfield cricket club, we like to go on tours I was wondering if you would like us to come down in 1-2 years to play you for a week? Thank you Ellie

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