Germany- Cricket Club Bonn – Raymond Cooray

I started playing cricket at the age of 12 in Sri-Lanka.For the last 34 years i have been living in Germany. If not for the cricket in my blood it would have been boring for me in this country because i am not a great football fan. I spend all my free time either playing or coaching kids u-17.I formed the first and only over 50 team in Germany.

On the 27th and the 28th of April we will be playing in the U.K.I formed the first two youth teams in Bonn. Every year I organise a youth cricket Tournament in Bonn under Veterans Cricket Club involving over 70 kids. For this Tournament i always have to borrow a Flicx pitch as the second pitch. There isn’t a single day in my life without the topic cricket. My wife tells me that i should put up a tent at the grounds and live there. According to my daily schedule she is not wrong.

I am now 65 and still play the game and enjoy thoroughly.I suffer from high blood pressure and have to take a tablet daily to keep it down and avoid getting severe headaches.Funny but true,whenever i have a match through excitement i forget the tablet but have no problems or headaches.Cricket is a miraculous game.I have got enormous number of friends here in Germany from all the Commonwealth countries and other nations through playing and coaching cricket.

I can go on an on writing about this topic. With my sickness of high blood pressure if not for cricket i would have been dead by now.

Best Regards

Raymond Cooray (president Veterans Cricket Club Bonn)

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25 thoughts on “Germany- Cricket Club Bonn – Raymond Cooray

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  2. Hope Ramond will get the chance of winning this as he spends a lot of his time
    training the youngsters to achive a better life in the future.with cricket.

  3. Raymond Cooray has helped not only the youngsters but even the veterans to play
    cricket in Bonn.His involvement and love to cricket is enorm and without any expectations.

  4. Germany- Cricket Club Bonn – Raymond Cooray.
    Raymond Cooray did a lot with his cricket club in Germany.
    It should be very nice if he can have some more facility in German for the youth.

  5. All the efforts Raymond Cooray has done for the Bonn Cricket, as much as anybody in the entire field.
    I believe, Raymond Cooray is the best selection and he deserves it better.

  6. I’m so proud of you my dear brother,,Bravo,,,I know you are so crazy about ur Bonn Cricket,, You might soon have to build that tent at the grounds 🙂 Good Luck Raymond Aiya Go Go Go for it ,You deserve a grand win.. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. It’s good to have a guy like you Raymond who loves the gentlemens game named cricket, with the age at 65 still going. I admired you from the time I knew you. You are one person who has done a lot for cricket in Bonn, specially for the younger generation. keep it up Raymond. You deserve to win!!!!!

  8. Whitout all the efforts of Raymond Coorey probably there would have been no cricket in Bonn anymore. He defenitly deserve to win!

  9. Raymond Cooray . He is the best cricket organiser in whole Germany he has done so much for Bonn Cricket Club he deserve it. Good Luck.

  10. Raymond Cooray’s Story is so true. I know him my whole life and know how he acts and how much time he devotes for his passion. And I also know his wife – and yes she is quite annoyed about the time he devotes for Cricket. All their other appointments have to be made around the Cricket matches, etc. ;-). If somebody deserves being the winner then it should be Raymond Cooray! He does Not get paid for the work he does and the time he spends towards this Sport, but if neccesary his own money, if he can please some children with a few ‘goodies’.

  11. Raymond Cooray is the most eligible person to win this competition due to his committment for Cricket. His first marriage was Cricket & then he got married for the second time to his present wife Sriyani. I knew both of them from my childhood. He has the passion for Cricket & a very dedicated person who has done a lot for Cricket in Bonn + Germany. At the age of 65 (looks like 40) as a Cricket Coach, he is more committed for his first love & helped many junior Cricketers in Germany to compete into International level. There is a saying ‘ old is gold’ & ‘old soldiers never die’. One day Raymond will die but he will never let Cricket die’. – Good Luck.

    Flavian Aponso – former Sri Lanka & Holland International Cricketer/Coach.

  12. Raymond is my class mate and he was crazy about cricket since school days. Cricket needs well disciplined and dedicated people like Raymund to spread this exciting game right round the world.Good luck mate.

  13. Cricket facilities in Germany are sparse but harder to find are those willing to donate their time, energy and invariably dip into their own pockets on a regular basis in order to introduce youngsters to the game and most importantly, keep them at it. Raymond is one of the rarest of the rare and it’s great to see how young players respond and develop under Raymond’s guidance as he sets and maintains sporting standards but always with affection and a keen sense of humour.

    Cricket in Germany is an excellent vehicle for bringing young people from vastly different social and cultural backgrounds together and a Flicx pitch in Raymond’s care would be a great boon to youth cricket throughout this densely populated region of Germany both now and in the years to come. Good luck Raymond and best wishes to the other entries here (can’t you spare a few more Flicx? 😉

  14. Being a born, raised and current Canadian I have seen Uncle Raymond a grand total of 30 days in my life. lol. But as fate would have it, he and his family planned a trip to Canada/U.S. during the 2011 World Cup of Cricket.

    Now I for one am not the biggest cricket fan in the world, but I was sure to cheer my country of heritage as Sri Lanka faced India in the final. As Uncle Raymond watched the championship match with my family at my parents house, I will never forget the excitement and humour he brought to the room insisting that Sri Lanka was going to take the title. His mood never dropped from the first pitch to the last ball, as his enjoyment of sports seems very similar to mine as I cheer for my N.H.L. Maple Leafs, N.B.A. Raptors, M.L.B. Blue Jays and M.L.S. Toronto FC (shout out to the now retired Torsten Frings!)

    Uncle Raymond is a deserving winner of this prize, as he will do an admirable job to promote the game of Cricket in Germany.

    Best of luck to you Uncle!

    Danke schön!
    Randy Cooray
    Toronto, Canada

  15. Raymond greatly met the expectation of cricket players and his direction is very clear, he knows what exactly he is doing and so many years he has done great job to the cricket society here in Germany. My best wishes and vote goes to him to support more on the cricket world to get much more healthier place!

  16. Raymond greatly met the expectation of cricket players and his direction is very clear, he knows what exactly he is doing, so many years he has done great job to the cricket society here in Germany. My best wishes and vote goes to him to support more to the cricket world to get much more healthier place!

  17. My best wishes for your courage and strength being a great cricketer and playing for the German society. Keep it up… Wish you a healthy life.
    D.L.S.K. Perera
    of U.S.A.

  18. Hi Dear Really happy of your letter as a sri lanken cricket coach . I am in colombo and I did my cricket for my college at nugegoda , Hence I joined for
    N.N.C and Played for Division one cricket as a offspring bowler , for eight years Hence I qualified Level one by the Board of control for cricket in Sri lanka . Did coaching for Zahira college , Fingara cricket club , and St, John’s college . Hence I like to very much to mention if you need my service as a Assistant I am more prefer to provide my support to you .
    Thanking you
    Yours Faithfully
    K Ranasinghe

  19. Dear Rymond and your loving wife Sriyani and loving daughter,

    This is a significant achievement, and my thanks to all of your hard working efforts to achieve the goal.

    I wish to thank you again for your invaluable support, friendship, transparency and “patience” in preparing, conducting this greatest game of cricket.
    It has been great working with you! Thank you very much for all your help and support!
    I would like to thank you for your contributions to this project.  We appreciate your guidance and help in helping us develop our players skills.  Your experience especially in an International regulations has been very valuable.  Thanks again!!
    I am very glad to confirm that we have received a lot of positive feedback’s to your excellent training sessions. Not only have we all learned a lot, but it has also been a very pleasant cooperation with you.
    The feedback from everyone above was extremely positive, which is thanks to your excellent training, both the contents and standard of delivery was wonderful. Well done.
    The coaching was very fruitful, as expected. My children and their friends appreciated this challenging experience and is now even more self-confident and dedicated.
    You are capable enough do any kind work in the cricket field but one need to think also that at least to provide you with an economic contribution to you as you are contributing everything to this project as voluntary basis!
    Long healthy life!
    Thiline F. Kurukulasuriya

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