Upgrade an existing synthetic

Convert an existing worn astro with a 2G Flicx Pitch without the construction costs

Case Study - Upgrade

Case Study – Upgrade

The Flicx Pitch is a instant solution to transform a worn artificial surface to enable cricket to be played again with the addition of a quality new 2G surface offering a host of performance benefits at great value.

Simply roll out and play, rather than the expensive process of renovating the existing synetic surface which could be both time consuming and involve major ground reconstuction and development costs typically about £6-£8,000.

The 2G Flicx range makes an ideal replacement wicket to go on top of any existing artificial surface that might be old or worn and thus not performing up to scratch and no longer producing a consistent bounce. This could be either a full size astro wicket or a batting end in the nets.

Download the Case Study – Instant Astro Upgrade

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