British Army build a Flicx cricket pitch for the Maasai Cricket Warriors

Great to find this picture from the HM British Army facebook newsfeed … Of a Flicx Pitch that has made it’s way to Kenya!


The Maasai are a Nilotic ethnic group of semi-nomadic people inhabiting Kenya and northern Tanzania.


A cricket pitch built by members of 70 Gurkha Field Squadron, part of 36 Engineer Regiment, for Maasai tribesmen in Northern Kenya. The project was part of a training exercise undertaken via the British Army Training Unit Kenya for the Maasai Cricket Warriors, a unique team of semi-nomadic herdsmen who have adopted the game of cricket in order to promote social change among their tribe. See:

LCB Indoor Cricket League uses Flicx Pitch to grow the game

After a successful 2012/13 season where more than 18 clubs competed in graded Lancashire Cricket Board affiliated leagues and cup competitions, we are pleased to hear about the continued success of the Indoor Cricket in the North West.

Indoor Cricket on a Flicx Pitch

Indoor Cricket on a Flicx Pitch

The league this year kicked off with an open day on Sunday 6th October and the newly adapted facility at The Soccer Factory in Rochdale is the perfect setting for all club players, young and old  to get their eye in before the start of the new season. With realistic Flicx pitches, match grade 4oz leather indoor cricket balls and qualified umpires provided, it’s everything a club player needs to hone their technique.

The Flicx Pitch is simply rolled out on top of the 3G Soccer Factory surface and provides a consistent bounce and a great surface on which to play cricket. In addition the new 2G Flicx Pitch, which will be available to buy in early 2014, has been tested with great results on sports halls with indoor sprung floors as well as its more traditional use in the outdoor season. The new 2G surface also comes in a range of bright colours and can be branded with any corporate sponsors.

Watch this video of the Rochdale Indoor Cricket League supported by the Rochdale Cricket Development Group and LCB…

Further Details on the league are:

  • Lancashire Cricket Board Affiliated League
  • Qualified Umpires
  • Readers 4Oz Indoor Balls Provided
  • Fast 3G Synthetic Grass Outfield
  • Quality FLICX Pitches to bat on providing excellent turn and bounce!
  • Everyone Bats and Everyone Bowls!
  • Changing facilities and bar
  • Trophies and Prizes

It doesn’t matter whether you play for fun or competitively at any standard, this is a chance to get some extra cricket in! For more information visit the new Indoor Cricket MCR website

Underground Cricket on a Flicx Pitch – The Threlkeld CC fundraising story…

In the past few weeks in the midst of an Ashes defeat down under, many of the worlds sporting press have also picked up on the heart warming story of Threlkeld Cricket Club.  Threlkeld Cricket Club is a small village club in Cumbria which has a 1st X1, a midweek side, an U11 and an U13 side.Cricket has been played at Threlkeld for nearly 100 years and until 10 years ago the facilities consisted of a tin shed. After many years of hard work and tireless fundraising, enough money was raised to build a new club house which was runner up in Wisden’s prettiest ground competition.

TCC before

TCC before

In June 2012 after a period of heavy rain a raised culvert filled with gravel and overflowed. Tonnes of gravel, rubble and toxic silt were deposited on large parts of the ground, especially the square. The water course drained old lead mine workings upstream and as a result the silt was laced with lead, arsenic and cadmium. Estimates from the England & Wales Cricket Board suggest this will cost upward of £50,000 to sort out. The club has very limited financial resources and without help Cricket may never be played at Threlkeld again.

TCC after

TCC after

Threlkeld CC and the local community however have responded to the fundraising challenge with great enthusiasm and innovation. The team packed up their whites and went on a search for the most inspiring and extreme wickets the glorious Lake District has to offer. They looked VERY high and VERY low in order to find somewhere to play their unique brand of cricket whilst local photographer Stuart Holmes willingly volunteered to record the antics.

The result is an amazing A3 calendar featuring 12 unique and individual cricketing photos like none you’ve ever seen before, it’s yours for £9.99 (+£2.00 P&P) from the website The Flicx Pitch features in a few of these photos with its unique ability to transform any hard surface into a cricket wicket…

Following on from this the team went to new levels when they organised the world’s first underground cricket match which recently took place in a slate mine under a mountain in Cumbria. Again a Flicx Pitch was used and again the media picked up on the unusual story – see below…

Watch game footage and see interviews here:

This isn’t the first time that the Flicx Pitch has taken cricket to places where it has never been played before following games on Everest, The London Eye and Robben Island to name but three. From all the team at Flicx, we wish Threlkeld Cricket Club all the best with their fundraising… The calendar certainly makes a great sporting Christmas present!

Flicx Pitch legacy lives on in Cluj

A wonderful weekend of cricket was enjoyed by all last weekend. Nearly 20 children, mostly from the Liceul Teoretic Avram Iancu, had the benefit of hours of fun activities and games, expertly delivered by Robin Maslin of the 20Twenty Cricket Company. Not even the snow was going to ruin this event!

The weekend’s activities wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the generosity of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, for the use of their sports hall; and to and Univers-T Hotel, for sponsoring Robin’s accommodation.

Robin presents Iulia, Alin and Andreea awards for their achievements

Robin presents Iulia, Alin and Andreea awards for their achievements

The children were able to practice some of many skills associated with the game of cricket including running, throwing, fielding, batting and bowling. The progress of everyone was very impressive, given that many hadn’t even heard of cricket before Saturday! Cluj has a Flicx Pitch which was donated following Twenty 20 Internationals visit in the summer (Read More)

A very special congratulations also to Iulia, Alin and Andreea (pictured) that received special awards for their achievements. If anyone else children or adults, are interested in learning how to play cricket, please contact Cluj Cricket Club at, or find us on Facebook.

Pativia Solomua from Samoa wins a Flicx Batting End

Flicx UK would like to congratulate Pativia Solomua from Samoa whose entry was successful in the recent ICC EAP competition, to win a Batting End for her community. Pativia’s inspiration story ” Finding the Edge” won by a small margin over Moce Island, Fiji who were second with their entry “Selected to go oversea’s”

Pativia’s story tells of how cricket “brought her back from a life of hopelessness” after the death of her mother and how she has gone onto represent the Samoan national side, before more recently coaching her son and daughter to international success. The competition really showed the passion that our finalist nations Samoa, Fiji and Vanautu have for the game – which also be seen in the video put together for the competition by Adam Cassidy, Regional Project Officer at ICC EAP. Flicx would like to thank Adam and all the finalists for their support in promoting the competition to their networks.

The Flicx pitch was originally developed to take the game to places where it has not been played before, so it’s a great way to create cricketing venues which can in turn get more people playing the sport particularly in countries where cricket is still developing or the climate makes maintaining a wicket more challenging. As well as match pitches, we have a range of coaching products so for any enquiries from the EAP region please contact Paul at Flicx Australia on

The legacy of Nelson Mandela at Flicx UK

Sporting figures across the world have united in praise of Nelson Mandela, who passed away yesterday aged 95. The world-renowned anti-apartheid activist and former president of South Africa had been in critical condition for the last few months. Mandela will be remembered for his belief in the importance and power of sport. He memorably declared: ‘Sport has the power to change the world, it has the power inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.’

Francois Pienaar accepts the William Webb Ellis trophy from Nelson Mandela in 1995

Francois Pienaar accepts the William Webb Ellis trophy from Nelson Mandela in 1995

The team at Flicx UK were particularly saddened by the news of Mandela’s passing. In many ways, the companies formation was only possible as a result of the cultural shift brought about by the former South African president. Motivated by a desire to use sport to help break down the inequalities, that had existed in his homeland, Managing Director Richard Beghin sifted through a number of ideas before settling on cricket as the solution. “It was around 10 years ago, and Mandela’s new South Africa was just a few years old, so you felt you could help mould the future.” Cricket in South Africa had been seen as a white man’s sport, but Beghin believed that by offering a portable cricket pitch – a roll-down product that could be used on any flat surface – he would widen the accessibility to the game.

The first Flicx pitch was rolled out at Telkom Country Club in Pretoria – helping young cricketers who had been brought up in under-privileged townships to develop their game with the product subsequently having the same impact in many other countries around the world including most recently in the Cricket 4 Peace project in Palestine.

In 2001, Beghin had the idea to hold a cricket match on Robben Island (it’s very first) as a tribute to those that struggled against apartheid. The cricket match was organised by Flicx and saw a Western Provence XI including a number of high profile players take the field against a Robben Island invitational XI featuring several ex political prisoners and wardens, a great indication of the newly formed unity between them. As a legacy, the pitch was left at the primary school on the island.

The match on Robben Island

The match on Robben Island

Richard Beghin (middle) on the Flicx Pitch

Richard Beghin (middle) on the Flicx Pitch with Paul Adams, Charl Langeveldt and Nabeel Deem

The world-renowned leader had been in critical condition for the last few months and his death has been met by tributes from those inspired by one of history’s most iconic leaders. Commenting about Nelson Mandela’s influence on Flicx, founder Richard Beghin said ” Mandela has been a huge inspiration to many South African’s including myself. His philosophy and love of sport as a vehicle towards peace and change really paved the way for the Flicx Pitch to take cricket to “places it had never been played before” in a country that was desperate for new facilities that would allow all races to participate and enjoy the game together”. Inspired by Mandela’s lead, Beghin quit his sales role in an oil company wanting to play his small part in his countries reformation. As a result, through his new pitch, he aspired to see young kids seen for their sporting ability, enthusiasm and skills rather than the the colour of their skin or their social background.

Looking forward to 2014, Flicx will be launching their new 2G range. Now settled at their Brackley base, the business continues to expand with the Crazy Catch rebound nets now an important part of their product portfolio, which still works on the Mandela principle that through sport, we can achieve anything.