Extras – Kent Cricket Club hosts Sierra Leone’s first Beach Cricket Festival

Kent Cricket Club hosted the first ever Beach Cricket competition in partnership with the Sierra Leone Cricket Association (SLCA) at the Place Resort, Tokeh Beach on Sunday 25th February 2018… the event was played on a donated Flicx Pitch

The Cricket Cauldron

  Sunday, 25th February, 2018 was a memorable day for cricket in Sierra Leone, as Kent Cricket Club, in partnership with Sierra Leone Cricket Association, hosted the first ever Beach Cricket Festival. The event lasted for a day and it was held at The Place Resort, Tokeh Beach.

  The teams that participated were British High Commission/ DFID, Safari Company Ltd., Sierra Leone 2009 U19 and the Kent Cricket Club U17, each team consisting of 6 members plus 2 additional substitute. These teams played the gentlemen’s game with enthusiasm and ensured that the event was full of excitement.

  The event kicked off at 10:30 am, and all the four teams lined up while the Sierra Leone anthem and the British anthem were played by a brass band. Due to the nature of the game, the duration was limited to five overs per innings and two innings per match, Being…

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