Coaching on the new 2G Flicx Pitches

Improve your bowling and batting skills with the 2G Flicx range

Case Study - Coaching Aid

Case Study – Coaching Aid

The new 2G Flicx skills pitch and the 2G Eagle-eyed pitch is the perfect coaching aid for young players in schools and clubs. Bowling and Batting targets on the skills pitch (above) will help your players achieve a consistent line and length in their bowling and aid their decision making with the bat whilst the Eagle-eyed pitch replicates the hawk eye systems markings which adds an element of fun and realism for up and coming players.

The Flicx pitches can be used with both hard balls and soft balls and rolled out on any playing surface. In addition to coaching drills, a number of bowling and batting games have been developed which will add competition to your coaching sessions.

Comment: “We have been listening to Cricket Australia’s Development squad- who are looking at bright colours and a fun element to attract youngsters to the game. This all forms part of T20 cricket where colours shorter games and increased involvement are bringing youngsters back into the game” – Kate Costin, Flicx UK

Download the Case Study – Coaching on 2G

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