Ireland – Dundalk CC – Eddie Bosano-Andrews

I am originally from England but since 1997 I have lived in a small town in Ireland. Before leaving England the last thing I did was to take part in a match at Lords, after that a full 10 years passed before my attention turned back to Cricket.

Dundalk CC and Phil Simmons

Dundalk CC and Phil Simmons

In 2009, attending a meeting unconnected with Cricket one of those present mentioned that there where possible moves to start a club, was I interested??

Enthused I turned up at the first indoor training session in 2010, we had no ground at this stage and when we moved outside we took a roll of old carpet and pinned it down on a soccer pitch. Slowly we gelled and our numbers grew, soon we had fixtures and then one day in March we secured a ground, the local greyhound club agreed to rent out their ground to us.

That first year we played on a bumpy grass pitch, the second we entered into our local league and won, the year after that we entered two teams and won again. We are still at the greyhound club still playing on a bumpy grass pitch.

What has all this meant to me ? A world of new friends has opened up to me, some are my age and some still teenagers, they come from Ireland, England, India, Australia, Pakistan and Nepal. Without this great game we would never have met and embarked on this adventure. Cricket has brought us together and the club has made us friends.

Eddie Bosano-Andrews
PRO Dundalk Cricket Club
County Louth, Ireland

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  4. This sounds very similar to softball teams here in America. In the thirty or so years I’ve played, I’ve met many great people who are still great friends, have traveled throughout the East coast to at least 15 states and have played against thousands of teams from all over.I am glad to support anything related to Dundalk. good luck with your new pitch and good luck to your season.

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