Samoa – Finding the Edge – Pativia Solomua

Finding the Edge

I started playing cricket at 15. During those happy days of my life, a horrific incident that happened to my dear mother, which was something that made me lose interest in everything.  But with all that I felt, it didn’t stop my team mates encouraging me to continue playing cricket to occupy those sad moments. It was a hard decision to make in life. But returning back to the environment of sport that I used to love encouraged me to be who I really am.  It brought me back from a life of hopelessness.

Pativia Solomua coaching

Pativia Solomua coaching

Cricket played the role of saving my life.  Being myself now, I am forever thankful to cricket. My biggest accomplishment was that I was selected for Samoa National Women’s Cricket Team.  It was a proud moment to represent Samoa internationally. Yet, it was in good memories of my mother and I dedicate all I am to my dear mother. Now, my children have the same passion for cricket as me. Every day they want to be at the cricket grounds to practice.   My son and daughter represented Samoa internationally. It’s mother’s joy to see her children follow in her footsteps. Lastly, recently, I have become a Development Officer at Samoa International Cricket Association.  It is something that I dreamt of, to serve and share the knowledge of cricket that I have to the young who don’t know of what cricket can offer into your life.   I am forever thankful for cricket in mine and my family’s life.


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