An Indoor Cricket Solution

2G Indoor trial at Beth’s Grammer School with Dartfordians CC…

Case Study - Indoor

Case Study – Indoor

Feedback is indicating that the 2G Flicx Pitch will solving the age old problem of finding a suitable playing surface for indoor cricket. Flicx UK have recently trialled the pitch on a sprung floor with excellent results in addition to it already being used in indoor leagues by organisations such as the Lancashire Cricket Board.

Feedback from the Flicx 2G Pitch trial reported the following benefits …

  • You can roll out the pitch then play instantly
  • It rolls flat without taping
  • It produces a very good consistent bounce
  • It can take seam and spin
  • It’s easy to store (requires very little space when kept on its end)
  • Can be produced with coloured tiles making coaching markings used to improve line and length bowling.
  • The softer nature of the new 2G surface really lends itself to the indoor game and training within sportshalls. This will allow players of all ages and abilities to train throughout the winter on a pitch which produces a good consistent bounce

Testimonial : “The bounce using hard balls was good and trustworthy, comparable to an outdoor surface for both seam and spin bowling. The 2G Flicx mat is now allowing us to train much more effectively in the hall with both colts and seniors; we can now, for example, use the bowling machine there for the first time.” – Mike Lanning

A4 Case Studies – Indoor Cricket

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