Play Cricket Anywhere! “Extreme Cricket”

Taking cricket to places it has never been played before!

Case Study - Play anywhere

Case Study – Play anywhere

The Flicx Pitch enables cricket to be played literally anywhere…

Flicx was founded to give people who had never played the game before, the opportunity to participate by breaking down physical barriers such as the high cost of maintaining a grass wicket or large space requirements. Now all you need is a flat hard surface and a Flicx mat as matches up Mount Everest, down a coal mine, in the London eye and many more photo moments have demonstrated.

This means the new 2G Flicx pitch is a great solution in developing cricketing nations and we have seen some fantastic stories of how cricket has changed the lives of so many people even bringing together people from war torn nations to facilitate social change through the power of sport. We are exciting to see where the next “Extreme Cricket” game will take place and any ideas for a unusual venue do get in touch

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