Playing Backyard Cricket in style … could the BGOC format boost ECB participation numbers?

Watching the Big Bash and seeing what bumper crowds it has attracted this season, it is clear to see Australian Cricket is getting a lot right at the moment. Whilst Backyard Cricket has always been popular down under, its been taken to a whole new level this year with Channel 10’s partnership with Biggest Game of Cricket (BGOC) from the Ponting Foundation where people are encouraged to have fun playing “Australia’s favourite game” and raise funds to help young Australians and their families beat cancer.

Ten’s winning family, the Mitchell’s then hosted the likes of Gilly, Fred and Punter in a show-piece backyard cricket match at Taree in NSW and the video is fantastic if you haven’t seen it yet…

Many people go to great length’s to prepare their backyard track … hours of mowing, rolling to prepare their perfect wicket. Did you know, the Flicx Pitch can help here … you can use our 2G Flicx Pitch in the backyard with minimal preparation and it can be used both permanently or as a roll out, roll up option. We would love to get involved in the 2017 BGOC so Ricky, let us know if we can help your event next year (we would love to create a nice blue, BGOC logo’d pitch for you)

Backyard Cricket at the Mitchells

Backyard Cricket at the Mitchells

Moving closer to home in the UK perhaps its an idea that Sky Sports and the ECB could get behind by means of boosting participation levels … NB – might need to be called garden cricket or something else given we don’t really have backyards but the sentiment remains … lots of people, enjoying cricket with their family at home and then possibly taking it to the next level and raising money for charity with a national event … What do you think? Comments welcome below


Flicx enable Cricket to be offered at Inside Football

INSIDE FOOTBALL is a new indoor football venue in Stroud, opened in March 2014 by Tony Adams and run by former Aston Villa footballer Steve Cowe and friend Clive Eckersal. The venue consists of three small courts separated by weighted curtains, which can be pulled back to create a 3G football pitch. There is also  a reception area, a lounge area with sofas, a stand for spectators, toilets, changing rooms and a multi purpose room to serve as a classroom, party room or fitness area. Now thanks to the installation of a new 2G Flicx Pitch, the venue can also be used for cricket too.

Clive Eckersall picks up the story…. “We opened Inside Football in January 2014 and concentrated on developing the football bookings side of the business with Clubs, Leagues, Casual bookings & Childrens Coaching / Holiday Camps. With the summer 6 weeks long, we needed to offer other sports for our holiday courses such as cricket, tag rugby, rounders etc.

The company we employed to carry out the 3G & netting installation was S & C Slatter of Newbury and we asked them to recommend a cricket mat suitable for rolling out & laying on the surface and they recommended the Flicx mats. Gary came down from Flicx UK with a mat to demo and we invited Ben Gannon, a former professional cricketer, to come along and try out it out. We were all very happy with the results with good bounce being produced. Since purchasing the pitch, we have had alot of interest from local cricket clubs and are now advertising the fact we can offer cricket at our unique facility. We are looking to expand in the future with the possibility of installing nets dividing a pitch into 3 cricket nets and installing 2 more Flicx cricket mats. We look forward to a successful partnership with Flicx UK”

Speaking about the concept of transforming indoor football venues into cricketing facilities, Flicx UK Managing Director Richard Beghin said it was an increasingly popular request. “We are seeing a number of footballing facilities adding a Flicx pitch to their offering which enables them to also run indoor cricket leagues without any damage to the surface below. Indoor cricket is becoming increasingly popular during the winter months and its very easy to roll out a 2G Flicx Pitch onto a rubbercrumb pitch and it can just be rolled up and stored on its end after use. For operators its a great way to enhance the offering of their venue and attract new bookings just like Inside Football and The Soccer Factory (see video below) have successfully done.

The “Pitch for a Pitch” competition winners are…

Flicx UK and the Cricketer Magazine would like to congratulate Littletown CC who have been announced as the winners of our “Pitch for a Pitch” competition and will receive a brand new 2G Flicx Pitch to further aid the redevelopment of the club which is based in County Durham.

The Littletown CC story spoke of how the clubs facilities had been transformed from an overgrown mess into a field of dreams thanks to the hard work and dedication for the local community. We are sure a 2G Flicx Pitch will help the club develop further and we will be sure to follow their journey as the new pitch is received.

VIA Littletown CC

VIA Littletown CC

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Heading to Headlingly for the 2G Flicx Pitch launch

This Saturday (1st February) see’s the launch of the 2G Flicx Pitch to the UK cricket market at the first Cricket Club Expo event at Headingley, Leeds. The event starts at 10am and runs until 6pm with a range of cricketing suppliers present for clubs to get organised ahead of the new season. The ECB are supporting the event for the first time with All Out Cricket the official media partners. Register now at

Headingly - 1st February

Headingly – 1st February

Flicx UK, have an exciting challenge running to launch their new 2G surface which will allow cricketers to test the new colourful surface with improved bounce and better seam and spin performance. Our winner will take home a bottle of champagne in a test that will measure your bowling accuracy, batting technique and catching reactions!!

The Flicx team will be present to answer any questions on the surface performance and managing director Richard Beghin will be presenting in the seminar programme on the benefits and application of the new pitch. Testing has shown that our 2G tiles create a softer pitch that is easier to work with and has shown to be less slippery  when wet versus its predecessor. 

In addition we are now able to bespoke and brand the pitches to fit a school or clubs requirements with sponsors logo’s able to be added. A Flicx Pitch means you can play cricket on any flat surface by converting existing sports fields into a cricket pitch – as well as being great for indoor cricket training and as a coaching aid for juniors increasing the capacity of your training sessions and adding an element of fun.

The 2G Flicx Pitch range is available to buy now for the new season in 3 new designs. Call us on 01295 816765

Your Invitation to the 2G Flicx Pitch launch at Cricket Club Expo 2014

If you are looking to give your cricket club the edge in the 2014 season, then a trip to an upcoming Cricket Club Expo is a must this February. There are 3 exhibitions across the month  …

  • Headlingly, 1st February
  • Edgebaston, 8th February
  • Ageas Bowl, 22nd February

All shows open to visitors at 10am and are open until 5pm, entrance is free, and all venues have ample parking, so come and join us for a great cricketing day out, please pre-register here. Cricket Club EXPO is officially supported by the ECB and brings clubs together with leading cricket suppliers including Flicx UK who will be officially launching the 2G Flicx Pitch range to the market.


The bright new colours of the 2G Flicx Eagle Eyed Pitch

The bright new colours of the 2G Flicx Eagle Eyed Pitch

The new 2G range comes in 3 designs and can be fully bespoked with your choice of colour and branding. The surface is improved and tests have shown it to produce improved ball bounce, better seam and spin performance and it’s easier to work with and softer when rolling out. This makes it ideal for clubs, schools and indoor cricket or laid on top of existing astro surfaces.

The bright markings on the Eagle-Eyed and Skills pitches act as coaching aids and help players develop line and length bowling techniques as well as aiding their batting decision making. Available in 7 standard sizes, the Flicx 2G Pitch is a great way to transform any hard surface into a cricket pitch – it can be laid onto grass, astro, rubbercrumb, indoor sports halls – just roll it out and play!

2G Flicx Logo

2G Flicx Logo

Do come along and visit our stand at the Cricket Club Expo’s and test the 2G pitch out for yourself in our bowling challenge (win a bottle of champagne!) and take advantage of our pre-season prices to get your new pitch in time for the new season. Don’t forget to register for the CCE shows or 2G Brochure low res to download our new brochure or get in touch with us for a quote.

Flicx UK release new 2G cricket pitch

Flicx UK launched, to the trade, their new 2G range of portable, roll out cricket pitches at Lord’s- The Home of Cricket.

2G Flicx Pitch in the Indoor Centre at Lord's

2G Flicx Pitch in the Indoor Centre at Lord’s


The new 2G material creates a much superior surface on which to play cricket with improved bounce as well as better spin and swing performance on the UK made plastic which is softer and easier to work with when rolling it out. Other developments include additional colours in the product range with customers being able to choose their pitch colours and brand it with sponsors or club logos.

In addition the 2G pitches have reduced slip and we have some fantastic new designs including a skills pitch which is great for coaching young players on with markings to help bowling length and consistency. The 3 designs, the 2G Flicx Match Pitch, the 2G Flicx Skills Pitch and the 2G Hawkeye Pitch each come in 6 different lengths with the Skills Pitch also available as a small 4 meter Throwdown.

We are sure that the Flicx 2G surface will be very popular with clubs and schools for both matches and practice in the nets. A Flicx Pitch uniquely allows any surface to be transformed into a cricket pitch, taking the game to new markets. Simply roll it out on a flat surface such as astroturf, rubbercrumb or concrete or divide your grass cricket pitch into 4 junior pitches to maximise your space. Your Flicx pitch can either be rolled out each time you use it or installed into the ground for a more permanent surface, which allows the grass to grow through it, making for a great value pitch option for your club.

The launch of the new 2G Flicx Pitch at Lords, the Home Of Cricket, takes place exactly 14 years after the Flicx Pitch was initially launched in South Africa.  The original Flicx Pitch was designed and made in South Africa – where it was used to assist the development of the game of cricket as the country was evolving out of the Apartheid Era.

Today, the New 2GFlicx Pitch has been developed and manufactured in Great Britain for British conditions, “We are very excited about the performance of the 2G Flicx Pitch” says Richard Beghin – Developer of the Flicx Pitch.  “We believe it will suit the wetter English conditions than the original pitch, with improved nonslip properties. “

Tammy Beaumont cuts the replica 2G Flicx cake

Tammy Beaumont cuts the replica 2G Flicx cake

 At first glance it appears that there is not much difference between the new 2G Flicx Pitch and the original Flicx Pitch, It’s the same 4 inch square tile that clips together like Lego – however on closer inspection you will see that the surface has changed.  “We have reduced the protrusion that was dominant in the original pitch- this has given us a far superior playing surface- This strangely has given us improved bounce, assisting spin and seam movement and has the added benefit of reduced wear on the ball” says Beghin

The 2G Flicx Pitch can be laid on any flat well prepared surface-  It can be rolled out before or after each game or it can be left for the season – in which case the grass will grow through it giving a “turf” effect to your new playing surface.

We certainly feel that the new 2G Flicx Pitch will extend the market into clubs and schools… especially where old synthetic pitches have lost their shape and performance – The 2G Flicx Pitch can be simply rolled out on top of the surface without the major cost of replacement or resurfacing.

The new range now includes the exciting 2G Flicx Eagled-eyed and the 2G Flicx Skills Pitch.  Different coloured tiles have been used to identify zones- these can be used by bowlers and batsmen alike to assist in the development of their cricketing skills.

“ You can now choose the colour of your pitch, you can choose where you want your target tiles-  This is a pitch that can be  assembled to each school or club’s needs  “ says Kate Costin, Flicx UK Marketing Manger  “ We have been listening to  Cricket Australia’s  Development squad-  who are looking at bright colours and a fun element  to attract youngsters to the game.  This all forms part of T20 cricket where colours shorter games and increased involvement are bringing youngsters back into the game”

Contact Us:  Flicx UK, Wall Tree House Farm, Steane, Brackley, NN13 5NS and Tel: 01295 816765 or Email:

Notes to the Editor: The Flicx Pitch is the brainchild of South African entrepreneur Richard Beghin who wanted to help make South Africa a better country to live in, and his passion for his country and his love of cricket led him to develop the Flicx Cricket Pitch.  After moving to the UK, Beghin received an order for 800 pitches from the ECB to support the growth of grass roots cricket and many clubs and schools have benefited from them since. The new 2G surface is an exciting development for the company and see’s UK manufacturing of the pitch for the first time with new designs and the ability to fully bespoke your pitch with branding and colouring.

Flicx – the story up to 2G

When founder Richard Beghin realised there weren’t enough facilities for the increasingly-popular sport of cricket in South Africa, he developed the Flicx Cricket Pitch and in August 1997 the first one was rolled out at Telkom Country Club in Pretoria.

Flicx UK Logo

Flicx UK Logo

In 1999, after creating a successful business in South Africa, Richard launched Flicx UK at the England and Wales Cricket coaching conference where his so called “lego” pitch was met with a tremendous response with the ECB ordering 800 for grassroots cricket in the UK while the ICC went on to order Flicx Pitches for the development of the sport all around the world. Flicx has grown to being a well-recognised and respected name in cricketing circles, with our pitches, batting ends and throwdowns being purchased by many clubs and schools and even by individuals wanting to transform their garden into a cricket pitch!!

 Now, new for the 2014 season, we present the 2G Flicx Pitch which is a new playing surface with improved grip and playing performance. Also unlike its predecessor, the 2G Flicx pitches can be bespoked and made to order with the colours and branding of your choice and also comes with an expanded product range which features a new Skills pitch and an innovative Hawkeye pitch. Both of these new designs aid the coaching of young players maintaining Richard’s belief is that if we can teach children at all levels, through sport, that life is about team work, individual skills and the will to win and not about selfishness, greed and individualism that they will have a wonderful opportunity for a better way of life.

Flicx to support the Chance to Shine – Hitting 50 with Devon Malcolm fundraiser

In celebration of Devon Malcolm’s 50th Birthday, Devon will be raising £50,000 for Chance to Shine. ‘Hitting 50’ will be a VIP marquee lunch, celebrity cricket match, chukkas and charity auction.

Devon Malcolm

Devon Malcolm

Held in the beautiful surroundings of the Brixworth Cricket Club on Thursday 20th June, this all day bash will feature:

  • VIP drinks reception and marquee lunch
  • Kids cricket coaching session with England Women Coaching Ambassadors including Charlotte Edwards
  • Anecdotes from the wicket with cricket legends
  • Charity auction

Flicx UK will be supporting this event by providing TWO Flicx Pitches for Chance to Shines’ juniors to bat on in the morning session which will convert the one existing cricket field into 2 smaller fields showing the versatility of the product for all formats of the game for all ages and abilities. In addition we will be raising the guests competitive stakes further with the Crazy Catch 1 minute challenge. As well as prizes for the best celebrity, adult and junior scores (and the bragging rights gained)  that will be handed out on the day, there is also the small matter of a $10,000 prize fund which will be won by the one minute challenge top scorer globally (Deadline of the 31st July) See for full terms and conditions

Chance to Shine is a national campaign which aims to bring cricket, with its educational benefits, back to state schools. Since launching in 2005, CTS have brought cricketing opportunities to 2 million state school children. To continue this work, they need to raise £5 million annually. For more information and to purchase a ticket to the Hitting 50 event, please visit