Convert an existing sports field…

A cricket match in Lanzarote on a rubbercrumb with a 2G Flicx Pitch

Case Study -Convert

Case Study -Convert

One of the most popular applications of a Flicx Pitch is to convert an existing sports field into a cricketing venue. Fields which by winter are football or rugby pitches can be transformed into cricket pitches in the summer, just by rolling out a Flicx Pitch – all with very little preparation and no damage to the grass beneath.

The photo above shows a Flicx pitch rolled out over a 3G rubbercrumb pitch at Puerto del Carmen where Lanzarote CC use it as a match pitch and regularly host touring teams.

In addition for junior cricket training sessions, pitch capacity can be increased by laying 2 batting ends down in opposite ends of the oval which allows more kids to train at one time on a reliable surface with coaching designs also available.

Download the Case Study – Convert a Sports Field

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