High demand on the 2G Flicx Pitches – Lead times announcement

Flicx UK are currently experiencing very high demand for its 2G Flicx Pitch range which is now in its second season. At the moment (POSTED 29-04-2015) we have a 3 week lead time on the manufacture of all new orders from the time that the order is placed until dispatch. We are working with our suppliers to increase supply and hope to clear outstanding orders within the next couple of weeks.

Advice for those looking to order a 2G Flicx Pitch – Flicx UK are advising customers with urgent pitch requirements to place their order asap to ensure we meet your deadlines. Only when an order is confirmed can we give an accurate delivery date to you but we ask for all new orders that you anticipate a 3 week wait at the moment.

We are sorry for the extension in our lead times at this our peak time … but trust the quality of the 2G Flicx product and its huge number of applications will be well worth the wait for your club or school.

A versatile cricket pitch solution... from Flicx UK

A versatile cricket pitch solution… from Flicx UK

To receive a bespoke 2G Flicx Pitch quote, you can now use our quick and easy online form (click here)


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