Preparing your Flicx Pitch for the new season – Natwest Cricket Force Weekend (28th-29th March) …

Natwest Cricket Force weekend #NWCF is a great time to ensure your Flicx Pitch is ready for the new season. Add it to the project list and assign two volunteers to the job. It should not take too long and is well worth the effort now – it will certainly pay dividends for the rest of the season.

 2271 clubs are registered for #NWCF

2271 clubs are registered for #NWCF

Here are a few  simple things to do to ensure you have a fully operating Flicx Pitch ready for the season

  • Using your sack truck or trolley move your Flicx Pitch to the outfield, where there is sufficient space to roll it out for cleaning and inspection. It’s worthwhile having two volunteers involved when moving the pitch and we would recommend that they use gloves.

Transporting your Flicx Pitch

  • Using a mop and a bucket of warm soapy water ( A standard washing up liquid should be sufficient)  give it a good clean. For the more stupor bits of dirt/ mud you may need a harder broom or even a hose to wash it off.

Brush / Mop your Flicx Pitch to remove the dirt & mud

  • Once clean, its now time for inspection.  What you are looking for is any broken tiles. Tiles sometimes break at the connectors which may be down to old age, mishandling, incorrect storage etc.  The Flicx tiles themselves however are easily replaced. All you need is a small flat head screw driver and a hammer-  please see link to  our blog on making minor repairs to your Flicx Pitch (Click Here)
  • If you are not sure how to remove the broken tiles or how many you may need, we would suggest you take a photo and email it to or call him or Rob on 01295816765 where they can provide expert advice.
  • You can purchase replacement tiles directly from Flicx UK which can be shipped within a day or two of ordering. Again just contact with your order

Cricket Force weekend and the Easter break is a good time to get your  Flicx Pitch out and ready for the season, especially if you are going to roll it out and leave it in situ for the season. Please Click Here for the correct procedure for the installation of a Flicx Pitch and recommended maintenance guidance or Click Here to download our PDF guide.

We wish you and your club good luck for the season … you can keep in touch with us via our social media accounts

Twitter : Facebook : Instagram – do tweet us a pitch of your handywork this weekend and we will feature the best ones for some extra moral support!!


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