The weird and wonderful world of Gnome Cricket

Having recently blogged on how the Flicx Pitch has taken cricket to places where it has never been played before such as the recent Mt Kili Madness trek to the top of Africa, I think a little closer to home we have stumbled across something which dwarfs that game in terms of it being even more crazy and wonderful… This ladies and gentleman is Gnome Cricket – a game which goes where gnome man has gone before.

Gnome Cricket is the brainchild of Yorkshire CCC fan and blogger Lady Lainey who snapped up her gnome men at a cricket festival and as the collection grew the team became the legendary “The gentlemen of Tykeshire CCC” … check out Ryan Gnome  – its uncanny!

Team line up

Tykeshire CCC team line up

Given the Flicx team’s expertise in transforming cricketing venues (see Littletown CC), once we saw the view from Lady Lainey’s kitchen (Gnome sweet gnome – in the extensive grounds of Chateau de Champions ) and the playing strip made out of a worn out old piece of carpet, we simply had to intervene. We created a bespoke piece of pitch to fit said flower bed and got it sent up to the groundskeeper Lady Lainey… It is said that the gnomes at first were a little bowled over by the new gift!!

After some weeding and digging, the pitch was ready to go down and ungnome to us some brand new floodlights (solar lights) were installed too … I think you will agree that it looks fantastic and we are aware that Yorkshire captain Andrew Gale has already been approached to cut the ribbon on the new cutting edge facility!! You can read more from Lady Lainey on her blog (Read More), indeed there is also a blog on the pitch installation from the Gentlemen of Tykeshire CCC themselves too (Read More). With cricket in the headlines recently for all of the wrong reasons, least its set in stone with this bunch that there will be no scandals, just a good old fashioned, honest game of the sport that we all love.

If you have any gnome puns of your own, do comment below!! 🙂


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