Website redesign and launch completed –

To coincide with the new 2G Flicx Pitch range launched ahead of the 2014 season, Flicx have redesigned their online home at, giving it a 2G makeover by means of profiling the new product range by Flicx UK.

New website live

New website live

The new website is now a comprehensive source of information on the benefits of the new 2G surface as well as the various applications of the pitch for both the indoor and outdoor game. Potential customers are now able to read a selection of case studies and testimonials and in the future more video will be available which is an area of development for the site going forward. In addition the site profiles some extraordinary stories from ICC members around the world (Flicx is an official supplier member) of how cricket has changed their lives. We have put links to our past competitions which award a Flicx Pitch to the most popular story, just one way that Flicx hope that through cricket, lives can change for the better.

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Any feedback on the new website, we would love to hear your thoughts or ideas on what else you want to see or know about us!! Please comment below….


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