Flicx and Cage Cricket unveil new pitch design

On Tuesday (20th August) from 12-30 down at Bagshot CC – Bagshot Park, London Road Bagshot, Surrey, GU19 5HS… Flicx UK and Cage Cricket will be unveiling a brand new pitch designed for the Cage Cricket brand with one third white and two thirds grey at Beefeaters Boss of Beef Day . We would invite you to come along with Ian Botham and see the new pitch and give Cage Cricket a try… For more information on attending the event, please contact kate@flicx.com.

Cage Cricket is dynamic, visual, high octane entertainment fused with the attitude of youth culture and extreme sports. Played in an enclosed space at a fast pace and embracing cutting edge technology, Cage Cricket is the ultimate in 21st century sporting theatre.

Cage Cricket is a ‘street to elite’ game and uniquely, the only form of competitive cricket played as an individual. One format is played across all levels, abilities and ages… 6 Players go into the Cage – 1 will emerge victorious. All three core disciplines are rewarded. You score when you bat, when you bowl and in the field and crickets biggest names including Shane Warne and Sir Ian Botham are backing the game as well as Jimmy Anderson and Graham Swann having a go in a recent video for Jaguar.

Cage Cricket is not just an exciting new sport to play but the values within the game assist numeracy skills. Perfect for schools and the young people of today and it has unsurprisingly caught the eye of organisations looking to increase sports participation with existing MUGA’s often used. Coloured target are set up and a Flicx Pitch can be used to ensure a consistent bounce as seen in the photo gallery above.


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