Flicx UK partner with the Twenty 20 International Cricket Roadshow #T20roadshow

Flicx UK are delighted to be supporting the first Twenty 20 International cricket roadshow this summer as it takes cricket to emerging nations Poland and Romania. Flicx UK have lent the company van to Neil Bunting’s team for their trip which they hope will expand into a larger European tour in summer 2014. In additional Flicx have loaned a pitch for use at the events on the roadshow as well as some Crazy Catch nets to assist in the coaching sessions that T20 International will be delivering.

The #T20roadshow departs from Flicx HQ, nr Brackley

The #T20roadshow departs from Flicx HQ, nr Brackley

The first stop on the trip, which set off from Flicx HQ on Monday, is the Piotrowice Nyskie Cricket Festival in Poland running from the 27th-28th July. For more information on the festival click here.  In conjunction with co-host Jim Parton, at his spectacular Palace venue, T20 International will be welcoming two teams from Warsaw (one all native Poles), along with teams from Krakow, Hungary and the UK for a weekend of Sixes, T20 games and other cricket activities.  Speaking about the tournament Neil Bunting said “We are delighted to be able to take out a Flicx wicket to use at the Festival”

Thereafter, the roadshow will be arriving in Cluj, Romania on Monday 29th July and the team will be delivering coaching / coach education on the 30th and 31st July at Cricket Club Cluj supported by Marc Pillich-Wright, president of Cluj Cricket Club in Romania with 30+teachers registered to attend to learn how to deliver cricket in their schools. A mix of abilities is expected including newcomers to the sport and the participants will be doing a combination of playing cricket and then practicing 12 games they can deliver in their own schools with follow up coaching plans supplied post course.  Flicx have decided to donate a brand new pitch to Cricket Romania and the presentation will be made by Neil Bunting from Twenty 20 on behalf of Flicx UK to Cricket Club Cluj to celebrate their new affiliate membership of the ICC. (Read More)

In terms of aspirations for the trip, T20 International are seeking to forge good links in Romania with a view to providing ongoing coaching support and coaching sessions to meet the nations growing needs and interest… additionally, this is ideal preparation for the more ambitious proposed full European Roadshow next summer. To keep in touch with the guys on the trip follow the hashtag #T20roadshow on Twitter


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