New Flicx Pitch stock arrives in time for the Ashes

Transform any surface into a Cricket pitch with the Flicx Pitch – now back in full stock after we unloaded our latest container from South Africa. Sales have exceeded expectations this season already with orders being sent out on a weekly basis to the UK and overseas nations trying to grow the game of Cricket. Our junior pitches and batting ends have been particularly popular – with clubs able, quickly, easily and cost effectively to roll out some Flicx mats onto the outfield to enable multi junior games to take place at the same time. This set up was demonstrated recently at Brixworth CC for the Devon Malcolm Chance 2 Shine fundraising event.

Uploading Stock

Unloading Stock

In addition with the ashes fast approaching – why not transform your own back garden into your own Lords with one of our home academies. Just construct a net around it and host your own ashes party on a great wicket, that produces a fantastic bounce.

The end!

The end!

To place an order simply contact us on 01295 816765 or email


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