New Flicx Pitch at Mrs Croston’s Family Fun Day!

Flicx UK were delighted to here about how the Flicx Pitch recently purchased by Westholme School, an independent single sex school for girls and boys aged 2 to 18 in Lancashire, was rolled out to celebrate the retirement of legendary principal Mrs Croston. We thank the school for sharing these great action shots with us…

Westholme School

Westholme School

Mrs Croston’s Family Fun Day which was held on Sunday 23rd June.  It was to celebrate her retirement and in recognition of her service to our school – over a quarter of a century!

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Speaking about the day Anna Gilda commented “The cricket pitch was great for people to play on on Sunday, Our Principal Mrs Croston, had a wonderful weekend.” The pitch had been recently purchased by the school from Flicx UK customers, Stellar Sports.

Mrs Croston was clearly held in high esteem by past and present pupils alike who returned to the school for the weekend with one tweeting

24 Jun

Mrs Croston was awesome! Will always be a purple berry and be stuck in our lil purple world

Read more about Mrs Croston’s Family Fun Day! (Click Here) or for more info contact Miss Anna Gilda, Marketing Assistant on 01254 506070 or email


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