Design a new Flicx Pitch…COMPETITION!!

Are you a cricket coach or a budding designer? If so then Flicx UK have a competition just for you as we are looking for new ideas and designs for the 2014 Flicx range. The Flicx Pitch is a great way for juniors to improve their bowling line and length as well as batting technique as marks on the pitch assist players in becoming more consistent acting as coloured target lines.


Design 3 -

Design 1 – Traditional

The image above shows the current traditional Flicx design. It features a Hawk Eye strip through the middle, colour coding for on side and off side created with coloured tiles whilst the two strips behind the stumps are to assist with channel bowling.

Now we are looking for YOU to come up with new ideas for a new pitch design which we will then take to a public vote to choose the winning entry.

Your design could be for any purpose and made in any colour. For example to with aids to help coach kids, to fund raise for a certain charity or based on a bowler or your own innovate ideas.

  • The winning entry will receive a Flicx mat made in their design (7.5 x 1.6 metres ).  All entries which reach the final public vote will also receive runners up prizes. 

The file above has been created in excel but entries are accepted in any format. The full match pitch dimensions are 22.12 x 1.8 metres. Alternatively if you would prefer just email us your concept in an email and we will work with you to create the artwork. Please contact for further details or call 01295 816765


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