Cricket Kit 4 Africa – Help by donating your unwanted kit!

Cricket Kit 4 Africa is an initiate to  help grow and build  the game of cricket in Africa

As the game and the popularity of cricket grows around the world so does the need for kit and equipment.  This is especially the case in Africa, where you will find young  people create a game in car parks, on the beaches and even in the middle of game parks!

Cricket Kit 4 Africa

Cricket Kit 4 Africa

Cricket, as in many sports, allows young boys and girls to express themselves and gain new skills and talents. The youngsters are often found living with terrible poverty and surrounded by devastating diseases such as AIDS and TB. Cricket gives them an opportunity to break away from the realities of this devastating life and do those things that children should be doing – Living life and having fun.

The cost of kit becomes prohibitive for many young families and this is where the initiative of Cricket Kit4 Africa comes in…

Cricket kit 4 Africa is committed to obtaining old and second hand cricket kit that is no longer used or is even damaged and gets it into the hands of those who will benefit from it in Africa. The initiative is driven by Flicx UK ( a cricket equipment company based near Brackley, with roots in Africa).

“ It is our objective to work with cricketing bodies, clubs and individuals from around the world to collect old cricket kit, get it cleaned, repaired and in a fit state and get it into the hands of those enthusiastic youngsters who are less privileged than ourselves. We have large storage facilities and access to industrial sewing equipment to have any kit repaired and we are appealing to all those of you who may have kit in your garages or attics to contact us . We are also appealing for donations , no matter how big or small, to help fund this vital initiative” said owner Richard Beghin 

If you can help please contact Flicx UK on 01295 816765 – we work with our partners SOS Kit Aid to get the kit collected and sent to Africa. Thank-you


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